Unemployment Insurance Modernization

State workforce agencies have struggled for decades with Unemployment Insurance automated system development and operation.  Their problems ranged from inadequate IT staffing - to scaling up to sudden unexpected workload increases - to budget problems caused by the fixed nature of IT costs - to accommodating Congressional program changes.  The biggest problems over the past 30 to 40 years have been the inability to fund the ongoing modernization of UI systems.  That problem has led to the current situation where many State Workforce Agencies are burdened with obsolete and inefficient UI automation. 
The Netacent approach to UI systems resolves all of the problems associated with traditional systems.  Massive upfront funding, difficulty scaling systems to handle workload increases, paying for resources that are not used. These are issues that need no longer be tolerated.  Netacent’s alternative is the Unemployment Services Platform, the Data Station.  This system consists of two components: the platform and content nodes on the platform.
The Data Station represents a visionary approach that takes advantage of recent innovations in information technology, most notably cloud computing.  It is a multi-tenant design that can handle any state, large or small.  It has the potential to reduce costs while also staying technologically current.  Best of all, a State Workforce Agency can start small using as little as a single module and grow into the platform gradually.  It thus represents a pathway from the traditional on-premise approach used by Workforce Agencies to the much more cost-effective, scalable, and secure cloud computing approach. 
Data Station Platform


We designed a comprehensive system on which all our products run. Our system is modular and can be coupled with other vendor's products.


It is an exciting time in UI. Click below for more information!

Cloud Hosted


​The Netacent suite of products is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud-an environment specifically designed for sensitive government data. Click below to learn more about "the Cloud." 


With no up-front fees and only a yearly subscription, the Data Station platform costs around the same amount states spend to support their current systems!

The Software-As-A-Service model allows Netacent and 3rd-party vendors to prioritize the resolution of any issues identified in the Data Station while also accommodating any changes promulgated by Congress or the United States Department of Labor.  The Data Station is designed to be flexible to accommodate any changes that USDOL or Congress might dream up.

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