Team Leaders

At Netacent, we have been focusing our efforts on building the first-ever cloud based state Benefits and Tax systems. We have a great team and we are ready to help states see all the advantages of our UI Platform and our Products. We have the ability to do this because of the team we have put together.

Gregg Tahmisian - President

Gregg Tahmisian was a founder of the startup ITE Software in 2003, delivering accounting and point of sale applications to retail shelter industry stores nationwide. He has worked in military contracting as a solution architect as well as state contracting as the architect of the extremely successful Idaho WIC modernization program and then a member of the Idaho modernization team. Contact Gregg at

Isaac Barrett - Software Architect

Isaac is a top-ten scholar and receved Idaho Business Review's Accomplished Under 40 in 2015. Isaac has a unique and powerful ability to process business rules and software into an amazing system that capitalizes on the best of both worlds. If you want to learn more about how Netacent has desinged its Data Station Platform or any of its products send Isaac an email!

Quinn Watt - Product Owner

Quinn started his experience in unemployment collecting "back in the day!" That experience, coupled with his time working in unemployment, at both the state and national levels, has given him a unique and powerful understanding of business rules and their effect on the ultimate customer of an unemployment system; the claimant. If you have a question for Quinn, send him an email!

John McAllister - Chief Financial Officer

John McAllister is the former Chief Deputy Director of the Idaho Department of Labor, serving in that capacity for 22 years. John has 44 years of experience with the Unemployment Insurance program as well as other state workforce programs. He spearheaded the Idaho State effort to migrate state agency applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.  Contact John at

Mark Whitworth - Tax Expert

Mark Whitworth was the Tax Bureau chief for the Idaho Department of Labor for 10 years, and UI Administrator for 10 years. Mark was heavily involved in the AWIN consortium requirements documentation process and is an expert in the field of UI Tax. Mr. Whitworth was the Project Manager for the Idaho UI modernization project. Contact Mark at

Roger Holmes - Benefits Expert

Roger Holmes was the Benefits Bureau Chief for the Idaho Department of Labor for 12 years. Roger was heavily involved in the AWIN consortium requirements documentation process and is an expert in the field of UI Benefits. Contact Roger at

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