Benefits Data Station

The Benefits Data Station is awesome! It has the full range of benefit products that are delivered on a Software-As-A-Service platform for a fraction of the cost of developing a benefits system following the traditional model.
The Benefits Data Station is provided on a Software-as-a-Service platform. Rather than a state spending millions to develop a Benefits system, the SAAS model is based on a small yearly fee rather than a huge up-front investment. We aim to keep the yearly fee around the same amount a state would spend supporting a mainframe or even a newly modernized benefits system. We can do this because of our experience in designing UI systems!
Continually Upgraded
The Netacent team will provide all the support a state needs. This support is included in the yearly fee. Unemployment rules change, and we will adapt to those changes. Our system is never "done" in the sense that we will never stop updating it and trying to make it more and more efficient over time.
Accurate Information
Our system was designed from the ground up with things like Federal Reporting and UI Data Validation in mind. This allows us to produce reports with 100% accuracy. The financial part of our system produces vouchers that balance to the penny. With us, your reports will be timely, accurate, and awesome!