ICON Data Station

The ICON Data Station is awesome! It can handle all aspects of claims and processes relating to Interstate claims. Check out this cool video for more information:
The ICON Data Station is provided on a Software-as-a-Service platform. Rather than a state spending up-front money to develop its own version of an ICON system, the SaaS model is subscription based. This makes it easier for states to budget and plan for its ICON-related costs. Plus, the efficiencies of the ICON Data Station help the lower overall cost of processing ICON-related claims and information.
The ICON Data Station sits between your Benefits system and the Xerox Hub. It talks to each of these systems and ensures that each gets what it wants. The ICON Data Station can be used either with the Netacent Benefits Data Station or hooked up to any Benefits system because of a cool thing called a Data Bridge, which translates Benefits system data into a format that the ICON Data Station can process. In turn, the ICON Data Station sends data to your Benefits system in a format it can understand!
The efficiencies built into the ICON Data Station will allow your staff to focus on customer service and integrity related efforts rather than manual processes.