The Data Station Platform

The Netacent UI System Platform is designed with the customer in mind. In today's world, the only option states have is the traditional model of UI Modernization, which is to spend millions of dollars up front and then still have to spend a lot to maintain that system.


Netacent's cloud-based approach resolves the problems associated with traditional systems.  Netacent’s alternative is the Unemployment Services Platform called the “Data Station.” 


This platform provides State Workforce Agencies one place to perform all of their UI automation tasks in a Software-As-A-Service environment, without the need for IT infrastructure, big up-front fees, or the hope that product will actually be delivered. 


The modular Data Station platform allows the integration of “nodes” created by Netacent that can be populated with content from 3rd-part vendors or by the Workforce Agencies themselves.  These nodes communicate with each other via a robust and reliable API gateway. 


Moreover, agencies do not have to use all of the products on the Data Station Platform. For example, Netacent has the ICON Data Station. It is a comprehensive ICON system that a state could link up to and use without having to adopt all the other products on the Platform.



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