Idaho WISPr Software Wins 2012 NASCIO Award

Press Release

The Idaho WIC Information System Program (WISPr) was recognized as the 2012 award winner in the "Improving State Operations" category by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). The prestigious awards program, in its 24th consecutive year, honors outstanding information technology achievements in the public sector. The award was presented to Idaho representatives at the 2012 NASCIO annual conference in San Diego, CA.

According to NASCIO: "Successful information technology initiatives in state government deserve to be highlighted and shared in order to promote innovation, foster better government, and engage citizens. Each year NASCIO honors outstanding information technology achievements in the public sector through its Recognition Awards for outstanding achievement in the field of information technology."

Idaho's award application can be viewed here.

The 2012 recognition is the first time Idaho has won the prestigious award. The WISPr system is a web-based application written in C# using the industry standard Microsoft .Net development framework. WISPr utilizes a high-end business rules engine for fast and dependable rules interpretations, SQL databases for information storage, and several internally developed and off-the-shelf software components.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Project Manager Vickie Flatt said "[WISPr] was a $4 million web based system that services WIC offices throughout the state of Idaho. Other states attempting this level of technology for WIC business experienced at least a $6million expense, more than twice the development time, and a myriad of issues during implementation. I consider Netacent to have been the single most critical contributors to the success of Idaho’s WIC Replacement System. Their resources are professional, talented, and committed to the teamwork required for quality system development.I would recommend them for meeting your technological needs whether large or small."

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