Netacent Architect Isaac Barrett Wins "Accomplished Under 40" Award

Press Release

Netacent Architect and co-founder Isaac Barrett was honored this week as being one of Idaho Business Review's "Accomplished Under 40" award recipients. Recipients are selected based on four categories: professional accomplishments, leadership skills, community involvement and long-term goals. In announcing the award, the Idaho Business Review stated:

"For 16 years, Idaho Business Review has been recognizing professionals under the age of 40 who have already made big differences at work and in their communities. They have vision. They are leaders, not for the future, but for now."

Barrett was nominated and awarded based on his work with his company Netacent Inc. Netacent President and co-founder Gregg Tahmisian said, "Our whole team wants to congratulate Isaac on this well-deserved award. Isaac was, in my opinion, the biggest factor in the unpresidented success of the Idaho UI modernization project. He is a great developer, knowledgeable far beyond his years. With Netacent, he has not only created and deployed great products, but mentored and inspired junior developers to follow in his footsteps. We are really proud of him and happy for his success! And I think you've only seen the beginning."

Barrett, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boise State in Computer information Systems and earned an MBA from Northwest Nazarene University. He was awarded the Top Ten Scholar award while part of the BSU College of Business and Economics. Barrett plans to continue making a difference in his community, his company, and across the nation as he develops national software products.

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