Test Suite

The Test Suite tests every aspect of the system, guaranteeing the system just plain works!

The Test Suite works because it contains pre-configured test cases that test every part of the Data Station. 


The Test Suite not only covers the easy parts but it covers even the most obscure and difficult parts.


Let's take an ICON example: the Test Suite knows how and when to complete a Type 6 record, which is required on certain military claims and needs to be sent to the Federal Claims Control Center via the Xerox Hub. The system has to do it, so there is a test case for it!


The Test Suite never stops doing its work; in fact, it will continue to get better and better because it is an integral part of the design of our system. The Test Suite is run each time new code is pushed. If any of the test cases fail, we know that an error was introduced that must be fixed. Nothing goes to production unless all test cases pass!